We are the universal video production studio, focused on the interests of the clients. During the years of our existence we have proved ourselves to be a dynamically developing team of professionals that allowed us to strengthen firmly our positions in the modern video production market. Thanks to the ability to combine skillfully a creative thinking and a refined taste, we manage to realize the most diverse projects in the various directions. Since the foundation day and till today we have been giving a preference to the innovative solutions in implementation of the plans.


  • 2D and 3D animation

    We provide all possible services in the 2D and 3D animation creation of the various complexities (drawn, stylized, illustrative, realistic) for production of the qualitative animated cartoons, video advertisements, TV miniatures and captions

  • Post-production

    We carry out a wide range of services in the field of post-production. We are ready to offer you all kinds of post-processing: tracking, compositing, scoring, color correction, life footage. We will transform the footage into a full colorful and memorable video

  • Motion design

    Our team of professionals will create a stylish motion design (miniatures and titles for movies, video advertisements, video presentations and other media projects) and realize any your idea

  • 3D-modeling

    We are ready to offer you the 3D objects modeling of any complexity and quality: wildlife and inanimate nature, architectural structures, objects of the industrial design, realistic people and fictional characters.

  • Editing

    The studio performs a complex editing of the footage: a preparation of TV programs and videos, documentaries and cases

  • Illustrations

    Getting down to work on the style and illustrations for any video product, we always try to find a new sounding of the visual imagery

  • Color correction

    Your video will turn into an attractive media product as soon as our specialists correct its tonal range and make all necessary color changes

  • Concept art

    Whenever we get down to work on a project, we visualize, first of all, its idea in detail. Therefore, we create a great number of conceptual sketches

  • Storyboarding

    We approach with all responsibility to the storyboard creation process. Our artists draw a storyboard of a future media product very carefully. It allows you to see the whole picture already at the initial stage of work

  • Screenplay

    Our screenwriters possess all key skills for writing the qualitative script. They are ready to offer you the full script for the video advertisement, animated cartoon and documentary, show program, presentation, performance for children

  • Characters

    Development of the characters is one of the most important elements in the cartoons production. We will create the stylish and memorable characters as soon as possible that will authentically convey the meaning of the animated cartoon or the feature film

  • Broadcast design

    Design of the miniatures for the television programs and television projects (complex design)


There are no “simple” or “difficult” projects for us. Each project is equally important and interesting in its own way. The philosophy of our work is in a belief: “the happy client is the properly heard client”. There are the leading advertising agencies of Russia (such as Grape, Adwatch isobar, Uplab, Hungry boys) and Ukraine (Grape ukraine, Michurin, CBT Territory) among our clients. We are ready to realize your most original idea and turn it into an attractive and effective media product.

We are sure – you will remain satisfied with the result.